Industry Database

Within – the Production- and Location-guide for the Meuse-Rhine Euregion – you can search throughout a database of professionals, facilities, funding opportunities and more. It’s possible to:

  • search on production stage
  • search on function
  • search on region

It’s possible to combine these three criteria. Besides that, it’s possible to search for:

  • funding
  • production resources

Within these categories, it’s also possible to combine with one or more region(s). The open search box can only be used for one searching request. It’s not possible to combine this with other criteria. The search box can be used in different languages.

For example: when searching on the English verb ‘Camera’ you will find people that are listed in the camera-department. Also the Dutch, French and German equivalents of this word will guide you to these results. This search engine is flexible and will be updated automatically every week with new multilingual synonyms (we keep it as complete as possible).

Need any help? Please contact your local filmcommissioner!